A Journey to Unknown Lands

Journal of Syberious, Eleint 1, 1362

After some trouble at the docks, our voyage as gotten underway. I have been personally hired by the captain to aid in the safe voyage of the ship, but also to provide protection and guidance to the crew. The crew is mostly a superstitous lot, who turn to one god or goddess after another depending on who they feel will best save them at the time. I do not take well to such disloyalty, but I can atleast tollerate it to a point. I’ve explained to the captain that as long as he, his ship, nor the crew do nothing to harm the sea then it will continue to be under my protection. I believe we have reached an understanding. My will is the will of the sea, it is my guide and savior as much as I am it’s protector. I just hope that if the sea seems fit to offer me guidance, that the captain will take that under consideration.

We have traveled far enough out that land is no longer visable. I spend my day talking with the crew, and getting to know them. They treat me with respect, even if they don’t take me seriously. That is fine, they will feel differently by the time our voyage is done I am sure. I do not seek to prove what powers I have, though what I have is only at the will of the sea and not my own. The admiral however, is quite obvious with his disdain for my beliefes. He does not openly show contempt for those who follow other more established dieties… and yet how alike both him and I are. Our devotion to our respective orders is unflappable. I admire that devotion, if only because I feel the same towards the sea and to its servant the Drowned God. I hope that sometime on this voyage he will understand this and I will earn his respect, but if that doesn’t happen that is just as well. Tides will not stop waxing and waining. Fish will continue to swim.



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